Montag, 31. März 2008

Wed and fly ...

Finding the right location for a wedding is not easy, I have learned. But why, oh Lord, would anyone get married at Schipol airport? Yet, people must - as this picture and the business that it advertises testifies. - I was amused that I noticed the ad at all (I am sure even six months ago I would not have). My flight was late, I was in a rush. But with a wedding on my mind, I could not but notice .... - I pity all sad souls who wed and fly. At our wedding, to the contrary, the person or group that travels furthest to it by rail, will receive a special "Wedding Environmental Award". That said, there is one airline themed location, that we are still waiting to hear back from and that is pretty cool. Have a look here.

Mittwoch, 12. März 2008

The 'W' word

Hannah - our 'best woman', in more than one senses - warned us. She told us: "You have to mention the word "wedding". Otherwise people will get confused. They will think it's just a party". We dismissed her fears - and we were wrong! Very wrong. Many of our English-speaking invitees (the German text is a little more explicit ...) sent us messages such as: "It looks like a wedding card, but is it????". Others announced: "I am not able to come to your party because I am having tea with my neighbour's dog" (ok, we made that one up). They looked puzzled when we seemed disappointed and questioned their priorities. Luckily, they changed their mind immediately when the truth was revealed and we mentioned the 'w' word. Good thing, too! Not only did that ensure more wonderful guests. More importantly, it proved our theory right: People will go out of their way to attend weddings. They will, however 'progressive', not do the same for a "commitment party" (or something similar). We suspected this. In fact, we had observed this as empirical fact over the years (including in ourselves). This analysis, to tell the truth, is one of the reasons we are tying the knot (and, yes, this does make it rather ironic that we did not include the "wedding selling point" in our invitation ...). Point is: We want all of you to meet. To share a special celebration with us. For this to happen, for better or worse, it appears that one has to get married. So, we will. And the number of people willing to come VERY far has already proven us right - and touched us. So - keep those confirmations coming please. Yes, we are getting married. And, yes, you MUST, therefore ;-), come!

Montag, 10. März 2008

A community defined by a card ...

Over the last few days I, Daniel, was in Hamburg and London and Surrey. I was lucky enough to stay with friends (or failing that, in their flats). And I truly enjoyed seeing Larissa's card everywhere I went. There is now a global community out there that is defined by having our wedding card in their house. Somehow, that excites me; though, of course, brining all card-bearing members of the world community together in August excites me even more! Not all cards are as lucky as the one that went to Red, which had the privilege of being unpacked by beautiful Luna (see picture above). Feel free to send us more pictures. Where do you keep your card??